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Stairs and custom made bullnose! Woohoo!

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When we started, the stairs were carpeted and the doors, railings and trim were atrocious!

I have no idea why we ever bought this house!!


It’s hard to see but the baseboards were about 3 inches (smaller than our new door casing) and you can just make out the blue room at the top of the stairs. Both spare bedrooms were COMPLETELY BLUE! Blue moldings, vents, ceiling, closet doors, inside closet, even the light switches were painted blue…before and after pics coming soon.

Now these stairs and oh ya that GAPING huge open hole into the basement…all had to GO!

Their disappearance and our beautiful floors are all thanks to Matt Cornies and his Dad, Rob! I cannot even clock the hours they have been at our house…Thank You!

So here is a start to the renos…notice the doors, trim, custom hand made stairs, and hand made bullnose! WAWAWEWA!


That’s Matt!


That’s Matt pretending to be a teacher, like I do!


That’s Rob!


That’s our  beloved bullnose!

Oooo Weeee….would you look at the size of that baseboard.


That’s “my Matt’s” face saying “Why did we buy this house?” …Don’t worry, it’ll all work out in the end…I swear!

Now we’ve got to paint the risers white, find posts, and a handrail. I’m planning to paint an accent chevron wall along the stair wall. I hope I can start asaparino!


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  1. Wow les and Matt!! The floors, trim, and doors look amazing! You guys have done a ton of work! Looks very modern!! Keep the pics and the blogs coming!!!! Really looking forward to the before and afters of the blue rooms lol!!!


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