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5 ways to Fill Shelves that Tell a Story

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5 ways to Fill Shelves that Tell a Story

Filling shelves that tell a story is easy; you’ve just got to look at everything you own with an anthropologist’s eye.

1. Old Sports Equipment

Everyone has it laying around in the garage…the older the better. Collect a glass jar of old baseballs, a small container of whistles, ping pong paddles, or my favorite, a collection of worn in baseball gloves. Store them in a wire basket for maximum visibility.




2. Random Collections

Ordinary stuff becomes amazing, once you have a collection. Start collecting concert tickets, beach glass, gears, or buttons, to fill glass containers, wire baskets, and mason jars. I know a woman who collects bird nests that she finds…what a fantastic idea!



3. Artifacts

If you’ve got a themed shelf like wedding photos, add some artifacts from the day to bring the shelf to life. I added the ribbon from my bouquet. The stripe leads the eye around the shelf adding movement, as well as repetition because it reoccurs throughout the photos. The wedding topper from our cake has a place on the shelf. It’s actually my grandmother’s wedding topper! Also, antique wooden blocks from the guest book table, that read “Labadie Biggley Wedding” find their place.







4. Souvenirs

Shelves are the perfect place for souvenirs from trips. A wire motorcycle with sidecar, made from a street vendor in Florence, finds its home. In the same shelf, antique motor cycle goggles hang tucked into a book. A copy of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” completes the theme.


5. Framed Paper

Frame wedding invitations, your thank you card, save the date, reply card, plane tickets, to-do lists, notes from friends in high school, or your friends’ wedding invites. Paper becomes immortalized and beautiful once framed.



The moral of the story: let your shelves tell stories…



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