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“Eat Sign” and Kitchen Re-Mix

Like everything in the house, the kitchen lacked character…well let’s be honest it’s fugly.

Here’s a couple before shots… “My eyes!”



Believe it or not, the owners used 4 inch screws to put up that coffee wire thing, and just filling those holes was a job on its own. We covered the kitchen in cloud white and then began to collect.

This is Matt tired from painting and changing the light fixture* to a barn pendant. gorg! (short form for gorgeous!)


* I changed the light fixture…but who’s keeping track?

Next came one of my favourite additions to the “coffee wire thing” wall: our “Eat Sign”!

I got this idea from, an awesome DIY decorating blog. Her “EAT” sign is a favourite on Pinterest. She has a great tip about mixing steel wool and vinegar in order to age where you’ve cut your barn wood.

I didn’t need to age the edges of my wood because I decided to make the sign a WHOLE lot bigger! Go big or go home, right. Instead of having to cut the wood, Cornies and I used the entire length of the palette wood. We were super rushed when we made these, so I don’t have during photos.

However, we did use the same nails that came out of the old palettes to nail them to the wall, in order to keep the letters looking rustic.



In addition, we found a white wood slat table, ticking stripe chair cushions, bar stools, and an antique ironing board to display my prized Le Creuset and an original fan from Chrysler’s that must be 40 years old, all from my Mom!

IMG_2081 IMG_2080

Next we framed old appliance booklets that came with my great grandmother’s fridge, mixer, iron, etc. She saved everything…and yours probably did too…go rummaging ASAP! Oh, and then I found a board that had replica antique fishing lures on it…so fun!


Here are a few after shots…still wanting to get a huge carpet to cover the freeeezing tile…I think everything is freezing, Matt is thinking as he reads this.


“Another bad room bites the dust….” yes…I’m singing that to Queen as I type…very sad.

Good Guys 1; 1973 zero!



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