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So here’s the low down…

Good idea: buying a beautiful new house.

Bad idea: buying a hot mess fixer upper.


The house the day we got it.

My husband Matt and I bought this 1973  gem. NOTHING good came out of 1973. Homes weren’t packed with character and curb appeal in the 70’s. In fact the only thing the 70’s are known for popularizing was aluminum wiring, plaster walls, popcorn ceilings, and shag carpet.  Not the stuff the expression “good bones” was inspired by.

So, why did we buy this house? A sentence Matt and I have repeated ad nauseam since closing day. Well I guess it’s pretty simple, we bought for location under the pretense that we could make the house into anything we wanted, but could never change the location. This remains to be proven.

This blog is about a journey set upon by two newlyweds to defy the odds and bring style, character, and curb appeal to a 1973 4-level backsplit. I would like to add that this mission has never been accomplished by anyone. (I have googled incessantly trying to find such a unicorn floorplan done right.)

Sought after location in tow, very limited budget, no experience, big dreams, here we go.

So, who am I?

My name is Leslie and while I am a high school art teacher, in my mind, I am decorator through and through.

That’s my husband and I in the Norman Rockwell remake above…pretty much sums up our decorating relationship.

'Decorator' Norman Rockwell



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  1. Hi Leslie and Matt,
    Wonderful blog!! It’s very unique and it fits you both to a T.
    I do love your renovations. Leslie you have so many creative ideas.
    Maybe you and Matt can do your own tv show “LOVE IT OR RENOVATE IT!”


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