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The Living Room and Workspace

So far our prized renovation is the living room. As you can see below it started off staggeringly dated. Just looking at this picture makes me ask myself, why did we buy this house?

Note the carpet…that was the first to go!


and then the railings…

Oh wait, those window treatments were ripped down within two minutes of getting the keys!



and then those railings inside the arches…


(pics were taken when original owners still had possession, while we measured for our floors.)

Now for the changes.


We cloud white’d all over that beigy brown shizz.

Then put in handscraped and distressed walnut floors throughout.


Once the floors were laid, we immediately started building an intense piece of millwork with the help of Matt’s architect BFF, Pete.

These builtins nearly killed us all, but have become the highlight of the house!





The first shelf: three antique boats!                    IMG_1837



That’s Pete…the man behind the architect mask…or just some old antique goggles we make every person who comes over pose in!


We turned what was their dining room into a work space.


One last look at the before…Take that, 1973!

Will post updated pics soon of new stairs and railings soon!

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  1. Fantastic Reno!!


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